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Make Videos to Elect a Labour Government

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Boris may have billionaires, but we have people like you with powerful stories and social media savvy.

That's why we need everyone, whether you've got a smartphone and a story or you're a professional videographer, to be a key part of the Momentum election-winning video team.

Join our network using the form above and take our first challenge below.

by the many

Videos By The Many Challenge

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We want you to make a selfie video of you, telling your story, and explaining why you're backing Labour.

a) Introduce yourself (eg I'm a single mum, I'm a nurse, I'm a young person) and explain where you're from.

b) Explain why you're so passionate about this issue, including your personal story.

c) Explain why you think Labour is the answer, and what they will do to help.

d) Tell people how they can help get Labour elected.

3) If you don't have your own story, find someone you know and ask them!

4) When you are done, upload it to social media and use the hashtag #videosbythemany.

Check out the how to video or the written how to guide for more detailed instructions.

1) Choose one issue you're really passionate about

2) Film a short (30-60 second) selfie video where you: